Consultants within functional safety


engcon MIG2  - Ergonomic Joysticks

A secure partner

Microprop is a leading-edge company within functional safety in machinery and have developed a number of products that have been third party certified by RISE. The products have either received a EC type approval certificate or a PL certificate all according to SS EN ISO 13849-1:2016.

With our good and experienced engineers we can deliver affordable, reliable and safe solutions to our customers. 

Developing hardware and software

Microprop can develop complete safety critical mobile applications, only a component or even only as an adviser or educator in parts of the process. We can, like no one else, be involved as a speaking partner in a certification process towards a notified body and help your product to receive a third party approval. 


"At Microprop I get to work with a very good team of engineers, and it feels great to contribute with safe and state-of-the-art functionality for end-users every day." -Pelle 

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