An end-user sits in a machine on average 7 hours a day and is exposed to ergonomical risks such as repetitive strains to shoulders and wrists. MIG2 uses a patented hand support that relieves the end-user of many of these risks. 

The hand support is flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of the end-user.

The handle can be fitted with a wide range of options, from simply 1 on-off switch up to 4 rollers and 5 switches or perhaps 3 rollers and 7 switches. All according to your needs!

If you are interested in knowing how we managed to develop an ergonomical handle from a piece of clay, click here: the story

See the technical specification

Technical specs

Technical specs

The MIG2 is the most advanced ergonomic handle on the market and the only one with a fully integrated hand support. 


- 1-3 roller (MIR1) 1-7 switches 

- Forward - Neutral - Reverse (FNR) option

- Wiring without connectors

- MIG2 logo in overlay

Please contact Roberth Jonsson for more details and/or quotation requests (roberth.jonsson@microprop.se)



Working with different setups of the MIG2 handle is the basic idea of what makes the handle unique.

The handle can be fitted with up to 4 rollers and up to 7 switches. Furthermore, the handle can include intelligent electronics as well, which of course enable a multitude of possibilities.

Below are some of the options possible for a customization project:

User interfaces

- Graphical display

- LEDs embedded in switches or separate

Electrical interfaces:

- Bluetooth


- WiFi

Graphic profile

- Adaptable overlay

- Plastic details in different colors

Sketching phase

Sketching phase

It all starts with an idea on a piece of paper. 

The idea came from Stig Engström who wanted a handle that was ergonomically correct and competent enough to suit the needs in an excavator of today, and of tomorrow. And of course it must be affordable.

Product development

Product development

Working with a piece of clay

What not many people realize when it comes to high-end products is that they often start with very humble beginnings. Every employee at Microprop was involved in carving, molding and heating up clay in order to form and fine-tune a proper solution. The hand support was introduced in the design at this stage and was soon considered the centerpiece.

User testings

User testings

It all comes down to the end-user.

The main focus of this product is of course the end-user. At this stage of the development process local entreprenuers in Umeå were involved and were used as test subjects for the product. Hands were scanned in a copying machine, measured and compared with other operators’ hands (and family members of the Microprop employees!) in order to make sure we had covered all hand sizes and shapes.

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